Claire Audhuy and Suzy Vergez

Claire Audhuy holds a PhD in Performing Arts from the University of Strasburg, France. She wrote her thesis on theatre when performed in extreme conditions (such as in concentration camps). In 2004, she co-created (with her husband Baptiste Cogitore), theatre company and publishing house Rodéo d’âme. In 2021, Another Country will be performed as a play with award-winning illustrator Suzy Vergez drawing live. Claire has received several French awards for her activism through arts such as the Véronique Dutriez award or the European Citizen award granted by the European Parliament.

Suzy Vergez graduated in 2015 from the prestigious Arts Déco in Strasbourg, France. She has illustrated ten picture books, including Le dragon du Jour de l’An (Circonflexe, 2016), Anaïs (Kilowatt, 2018), Ballons (Kilowatt, 2019), and Okavango (Circonflexe, 2019). Her unique style involves composing stamp prints to give life to the characters and setting. She collaborates with theatre company and publishing house Rodéo d’âme doing live illustration in dramatic productions, including Les Migrantes (2016-2020), and Another Country (2020-2021). In 2019, she was invited by the French association of Illustrators to attend the Bologna Book Fair and she recently won the Ananas New Talent illustration award at the Beijing International Book Fair.