E. Paul Zehr

E. Paul Zehr Ph.D. is passionate about the popularization of science using superheroes as foils for inspiring human achievement and ability. His books include Becoming Batman (2008), Inventing Iron Man (2011), Project Superhero (2014), and Chasing Captain America (2018). He maintains the blog Black Belt Brain at Psychology Today magazine and at Scientific American. If sensorimotor neuroscience is his Bruce Wayne, martial arts are his Batman and, like Alfred, Paul’s purpose is to help others. At an early age, he gained an interest in comic books from his mom. Comic books brought him to martial arts and that got him into science. His research as head of the Rehabilitation Neuroscience Laboratory at the University of Victoria focused on the recovery of function after neurotrauma using integrated whole-body movement. This work changed rehabilitation including the use of the arms to improve stepping with the legs after stroke. When not stringing words together you can find Paul training in Chinese, Okinawan and Japanese martial arts in his backyard, rolling through the forest on his bike, or floating in his boat on the ocean while pretending to fish around Vancouver Island.

REPRESENTED BY Olga Filina (Adult) and Ali McDonald (Kidlit)