Emme Benny

Emme Benny is a Muslim American, with her roots deep in Alexandria, Egypt. She has grown up in a world that has portrayed the disenfranchised in a less than positive light. Her mission is to help people realize the good in the world through writing about the splendor and diversity of it all. Emme whole-heartedly believes that there will never be proactive change until people can see life through one another’s eyes. She has always been a writer, weaving stories of the marginalized into a collage of beautiful things. She writes historical fiction for middle grade and young adult readers. She is also a published short story writer. When she’s not busy writing, she’s out scouting with her family. She has been a scout mom for over a decade. Emme lives in Charlotte, NC with her amazing husband, three inspiring children, two cats and a bunny.

Photograph by Deda Photography.