Gabriele Wills

Born in Germany, Gabriele Wills emigrated to Canada as a young child. With degrees in the social sciences and education, she’s had a varied career as an educator, literacy coordinator, and website designer, and has been an active community volunteer, particularly in heritage preservation and the arts. She also produced an award-nominated feature on CBC Radio.

Gabriele’s real passion, however, is to weave compelling stories around meticulously researched and often quirky or arcane facts in order to bring the past to life, especially with regard to women’s roles. She is the author of six highly acclaimed historical novels, including four in The Muskoka Novels saga set in North America, Britain, and Europe, through the two cataclysmic World Wars and the seductive Jazz Age.

The sublimely beautiful Muskoka lakes provide soul food and inspiration, and are the setting for her newest work in progress.


REPRESENTED BY Cassandra Rodgers