Kim Owens

Kim Owens is a blogger, influencer, writer, parent-mentor, speaker, and braille transcriber. She’s also a wife, and the mother of two adult children. Her youngest son, Kai, unexpectedly lost his sight at the age of ten. After immersing herself in the blindness community and advocating for his equal and accessible education, she emerged with a strong perspective to share.

She believes that parental acceptance, community building, and equal accessible education are the three main pillars that led to her son’s success. She also says that disabled children’s needs are not special—access and inclusion are rights protected by law. The content she creates appeals to parents of blind and disabled children, disabled adults, medical professionals, business owners, and educators.

Kim is chronically ill with an autoimmune disease trifecta and spends her free time allowing her body and nervous system to heal by walking on the Georgia coast collecting fossilized shark teeth, practicing mindfulness with her local sangha, and lounging in her shaded backyard with her fur-monsters.

Photograph by Danelle Lejeune.