Macaila Britton

Macaila Britton is a storyteller, screenwriting student, environmental advocate, and Traumatic Brain Injury survivor. She strives to write meaningful stories everyone can see themselves in, centered around conscious, kind, and purposeful living—whether that be someone’s (hopefully) future favorite book or script. You can expect to uncover themes of STEMinism, environmentalism, and the arts within her bodies of work. Drawing inspiration from the world around her, Macaila hopes to leave her mark, making it better for future generations.

Over the years, Macaila acquired bylines across a variety of global publications where she has contributed cultural pieces on sustainability—from the environment, wellness, and lifestyle standpoint. Recently, Macaila completed a program with The University of Cambridge’s Institute For Sustainable Leadership and is ALBERT Trained for sustainable editorial production. She’s excited to use the training for future manuscripts as a way to blend her passion for stewarding the Earth with her love for storytelling.

When she isn’t writing, you can find Macaila with a latte in one hand, snuggling with her recently adopted rescue cat “Aramis”, and adding one too many books to the TBR pile she says she’ll tackle “on a rainy day” but never does.

Macaila loves recommending books, TV shows, and movies to people, and is always up for a new adventure—whether it be a town over, a million miles away, or within the world of a gripping story.