Sarah Howden

Sarah Howden has been writing since a young age, and was especially proud of finishing her first mystery novel when she was eight. Since then, she’s learned a lot more about plotting, and her penmanship has worsened considerably. 

Sarah is the author of several books for children, including 5-Minute Stories for Fearless Girls, Cone Cat and The Tunnel. She’s also had poems published in Grain and Jones Av., and stories in Chirp and Chickadee magazines. Most recently, she has just completed her first novel for adults.

Also an editor at Orca Book Publishers, Sarah enjoys focusing on a different aspect of writing in her day job, helping other writers sculpt their stories. She works out writing conundrums on walks around her neighbourhood or by distracting herself with Netflix shows and potato chips. Having grown up in the Niagara Region, she now lives in Toronto with her husband, daughter and two mischievous cats.

REPRESENTED BY Ali McDonald (Children’s & YA) and Olga Filina (Adult)